An Oobi Christmas ... No series
Season Season None
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Airdate December 25th, 2011
Writers Belly, Bluedog, Buckteeth, Pickles
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An Oobi Christmas is a An Oobi Vacation brand YouTube special in which Charlie, Dave, and Max return to YouTube. It is not in a series, but is a video of it's own.

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Oobi is pulled into a secret club created by Charlie, Dave, and Max made to steal cookies from Santa.


Oobi and Kakoo are seen outside of a door. Oobi gives Kakoo her Christmas present, a cat roller. Kakoo screams at him that she doesn't have a cat. A meow is heared, and Kakoo tells Fatso to be quiet because she is trying to lie. Out of rage Kakoo throws the cat roller at the door, and Uma comes out and it hits her. Grampu gets mad and gives Oobi the punnishment of having to sleep in Dave's room for the night. Max, with a crayon box, plays "Dun dun dun!" Grampu tells him to stop and that it isn't a tape recorder, but Max says it has invisible buttons.

Meanwhile at night, Oobi is going into Dave's room. He thinks that Dave's room is messy. Then he notices a group of people sitting on the bed whispering. Dave tells Oobi that they are the stealing-cookies-from-Santa club. Charlie comments that he wanted it to just be called the stealing cookies club, but Dave wanted it to be longer. Bop wants to save the cookies for Santa, but the Pink-Eyed Hand says, "You just don't get it, do you." Charlie is commanding the troops, and he needs to get something heavy to stop Santa and stop Inka, who is guarding the cookies. Kade tells him Dave is heavy, and Dave jumps on Charlie. They all run out in search off the cookies.

In the living room, Inka is guarding the cookies. Charlie asks if they can have some, but she says no. They yell at eachother, then Dave stuffs Inka in a stocking. Then HoHoHo is heared, and Santa yells at him that those are his cookies. Dave says "Mine mine mine" and Santa is annoyed. Soon Dave stuffs Santa in the stocking.From inside the stocking, santa tells Inka that she's been a bad girl, and the stocking falls. The Human santa wishes everyone a happy christmas.