An Oobi Vacation is the cancelled series that was created in 2011. It was cancelled because there was to many faces and they couldn't be cut out of the final product. However, a few of the episodes were aired in shortend versions. This series inspired Another Oobi Vacation.


This series was created along with the Bluedog and Belly Productions members Buckteeth and Pickles. It follows a hand puppet, Oobi, and his family who have a vacation, but have to share a hotel room with Dave, a cannibalistic hand, and his brothers, Charlie and Max.


The series has 5 main characters.

Major CharactersEdit


This was the official episode list, however, most of them are unaired. It originally had 10 episodes.

  1. The FAMILY Vacation*
  2. Plane Ol' Pathetic*
  3. DOOMEDmates
  4. Danger Dinner*
  5. Pool Fool
  6. Spit it Out!*
  7. Charlie's Time Machine
  8. Gramflu
  9. Uma Pretender*
  10. Bein' Kakoo*
* = this episode was aired in a smaller version