Angus is a character from the original Oobi TV series who was mentioned in Another Oobi Vacation. In his first appearence Jack Attack, Jack described Freak to Oobi and his friends. When he told him he had an eye under his mouth, Oobi related this to Angus. Also, in Parent Problem, Dave's eyes accidentally switch around, and he says that he's an Angus. Though Angus seems to be friends with all of the main characters of the series, he has never made an appearence.


Angus has never appeared in Another Oobi Vacation, but in other Oobi series he has two eyes with yellow pupils that are under his mouth. He has tanish skin.


Angus is mentioned twice in Another Oobi Vacation, in Jack Attack and Parent Problem.


  • Angus was consitered to be take Ed's place as Kakoo's travel companion, but this idea was scratched.