Bedroom Escape! ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 2 (originally)
Episode 5 (originally)
Airdate None
Writers Buckteeth
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 "Okay, we've gotten through the hard part: getting through our own bedroom." -Charlie

Bedroom Escape! is a cancelled episode of Another Oobi Vacation. It was meant ot be the 5th episode, but Small Problem went in it's place



Charlie and Dave need to meet Oobi at Central street so they can robb the bakery, but they have to get through their room first, and Inka.


Charlie and Dave are standing by eachother by the TV in their bedroom. Charlie tells Dave they have to meet Oobi at Central Street, rob the Bakery, and wear masks. Charlie adds that they're going to look like the "cool teenagers" while they wear masks. Inka then pops up and yells that they can't rob bakeries or wear masks. Charlie comments that she herself robs bakeries, but she starts to chase them. Charlie and Dave are running fast towards a dresser, but Inka opens a drawer and they run into it. Inka is in the lead now, but Charlie and Dave drop books on her head to stop her. Inka screams "AHH! MY FAVORITE BOOKS!". When the camera looks down at them, the books are actually for little kids. Charlie and Dave laugh at her as they run. Soon, they jump into a Eyeball Pit and find a talking pair of blue eyes. He says "I used to be fat, but my eyes got ripped off, totes" All of them ignore the blue eyes, but Inka picks them up, saying they'll be the perfect disguiese. She puts the eyes on and tries to grab Charlie and Dave. They scream. Inka tries to distract them, so she turns on the TV. Charlie and Dave watch The Fairly OddParents intrestedly. Inka starts to get bored and turns off the TV. Charlie says "Awwww, RUN!" They keep running until they find a stuffed frog. They use it to crush Inka and stop her from running. They then squish her with a shoe.

At the door, Charlie explains that they got through the hard part, getting through their bedroom. The leave the room to go through 63 more bedrooms. As they go, Dave puts the blue eyes on the doornob (shown in the picture). The camera zooms in on them.


  • This episode was cancelled because it was uneditable. It was low quality and had too many faces in it that couldn't be cut out.
  • Only 2 puppeteers were in this video, Buckteeth and Bluedog. Even though Belly is normally in all the videos, she wasn't in this one.
  • While they are running, Dave and Charlie actually make a circle around the room. They could have simply went out the door in the first place.
  • This is the first cancelled episode ever in Another Oobi Vacation.


Buckteeth as Charlie, Dave, and the Eyeball Pit

Bluedog as Inka