Bluedog and Belly Productions (often abreviated B&B) is a video making company that created An Oobi Vacation, An Oobi Christmas, Another Oobi Vacation, and many other series. It was created in mid 2011 and has been going on since. They run from the YouTube page BluedogAndBelly and this wiki.

Creation and historyEdit

In early 2011 before BluedogAndBelly was even made, Bluedog and Belly where producing a video series called "Big Fat Bear", a story of the life of a large white polar bear and his friends. One season was made but no episodes ever aired to YouTube, however Big Fat Bear eventually became a co-host the announcements. Also around that time, the first episodes of their first "oobi" series,  was created, "Oobi's New House". it was made in tribute to the largely famous series of Oobi at Work.

Soon Bluedog finally got the guts to put the videos on YouTube. Their first airing series, "An Oobi Vacation" was born. It was the first series to feature Buckteeth, and Pickles (peanut was not featured yet.) However sadly this was cancelled, but some shortened versions where released, like Danger Dinner and such. After making more videos, B&B started making music video parodies adn began Another Oobi Vacation, their second-most-popular series after Oobi Babies, and their longest-running series. Now Another Oobi Vacation is nearing it's third season.


  • Belly: Belly is the only female working on B&B. She playes some of the most crucial characters in AOV, like Oobi, Uma, and Grampu. She is consitered "the boss" of the company, otherwise called "the Queen". She also loves to sing and dance.
  • Bluedog: Bluedog plays many minor/stock characters, and he writes most of the episodes as well. He started off on Wikia writing episodes for another popular series Oobi at Work, created by Bradley Smith, and they became friends. However Bradley eventually left Wikia and never returned. Now Bluedog is still writing his own ideas for his series, and playing characters like Inka and other smaller-role characters. Bluedog operates the B&B channel and hopes to someday have a job with the puppeteers of Sesame Street.
  • Buckteeth: Buckteeth plays Charlie and Dave in the series. He is skilled at writing episodes like Bluedog and also he is great at improving jokes into the script. He is apart of almost every episode there is in Another Oobi Vacation. Sometimes he works the camera and he helps design costumes and make props.
  • Pickles: Pickles is in some of the videos, but he has other intrests. He loves sports such as football and playing videogames, much like his character Max. In addition to Max, Pickles created the characters Jack and Freak, which helped Bluedog make the episode Jack Attack. He played Freak in the beginning of the episode but quit in the middle, causing Bluedog to take over Jack. He was "The Actioner" in several videos.
  • Peanut: He is the youngest member, only 4. He first started appearing in Another Oobi Vacation as his first character with a personality, the Blue Bunny. He will make more appearences in season 3.


  • The name "Bluedog and Belly" was created before it was known that Buckteeth, Pickles, and Peanut joined the cast. If they had joined earlier, the name would have most likely included their names. It may have been called "BBBPP" or "3B2P".