Name Bop
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Pop (father), Kade (twin sister)
Enemies None
First Appearance
Spit it Out! (An Oobi Vacation)
Last Appearance
Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT! (Another Oobi Vacation)
Bop is one of Oobi's close friends. He is known for always being optimistic and happy about everything. One example of his optimism is in Know Your Hand!, Charlie tells him Pop died. He screams hoorray. Bop is a major character of An Oobi Vacation, and a minor character in Another Oobi Vacation. He also appeared in An Oobi Christmas. He is portrayed by Bluedog (he was portrayed by Pickles breifly in An Oobi Christmas).


Bop's eye color has changed 3 times. In An Oobi Vacation, Bop has purple eyes with black pupils, but in all his other appearences he has blue eyes. He is a hand with tanish skin and 5 fingers.


Bop first appeared in later episodes of An Oobi Vacation, in the episodes Spit it Out!, Gramflu, The Uma Pretender, and Bein' Kakoo (his future version Bop Bot appeared in Charlie's Time Machine). He came back in An Oobi Christmas. In Another Oobi Vacation, he appears in one episode, Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT!


  • Bop was created long before BluedogAndBelly was started; he was invented by Bluedog around 2005.
  • Bop's eye color was yellow in other series.
  • In Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT!, it was revealed how Bop died. He was killed while he was running down a slide and he fell against a wall.