Butternut Chunkies (originally named and often mistaken as Butterscotch Chunkies) are Dave's favorite food. In the episode Danger Dinner, Dave tells Oobi to make him butternut chunkies, but he changes his mind and wants him to make a sandwich.


The creation of the butternut chunky was interesting. When Bluedog, Belly, Buckteeth, and Pickles were toddlers, they started to create their new characters in a resturaunt. They had gotten candy from a claw game, and they were playing with it as their characters as their parents were sitting at the bar. When Dave saw the candy, he screamed "MMM BUTTERSCOTCH CHUNKIES!". Toddler B&B productions started laughing, and the food has been in existence ever since.


The butternut chunky was never seen on tape, but before Oobi started to make it, he grabbed a huge cup of butter to make it with, so one of the ingredients is butter.


This food was only mentioned once in the episode Danger Dinner of An Oobi Vacation.