Car-tastrophe! ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate August 24th, 2012
Writers Bluedog, Buckteeth
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 Car-tastrophe! is the forth episode ever of Another Oobi Vacation.


Locations VisitedEdit


Grampu gets annoyed by the kids singing in the car and jumps out the window, so Oobi tries to drive the car himself.


Grampu is at the steering wheel in his car, with everyone in it. The kids get bored and decide to sing a song. They sing Past the Cars and "One Hundred Buckets of Slime on the Wall". Grampu can't take it anymore. He tells the kids he'll see them later and jumps out the window. Uma, in the backround, says that they can't get to Extreme Fun Rollercoaster World anymore because Grampu is gone, but Charlie suggests Oobi drives, because he plays a Cars 2 video game. Oobi tries driving, but utterly fails and crashes. A police officer runs to them screaming "UNDERAGED DRIVER!" She asks where their guardian is, and Oobi tells her he jumped out. She yells Grampu's name and he comes back. She fines him $9,999,999,999,999,999. The kids say "OOOH! GRAMPU!" Grampu sends Oobi to his room, and everyone goes "OOOH! OOBI!" Then, they realize they are still in front of their house.


  • Grampu dries a red Nissan.


Belly as Oobi, Grampu and the voice of Uma

Buckteeth as Charlie and Dave

Pickles as Max

Bluedog as Officer Kate