Charlie + Ed ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 2
Episode 13
Airdate July 26
Writers Buckteeth
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Charlie + Ed is an episode of Another Oobi Vacation.

Characters PresentEdit


Charlie and Ed fight over whether they want the lamp to be on or off.


In the beggining of the episode, a voice (Buckteeth) says "Charlie plus Ed, the new reality TV show". Oobi turns out the lamp, causing the total frame to be dark. Charlie turns back on the light, saying "I want light!". Ed turns off the light, saying "neh!". This goes back and forth until Dave says "I want nachos!". Ed nehs in Charlie's face. Charlie asks him if he wants to play the scream in your face game, so Ed screams in his face. Charlie screams "Human LANGUAGE!"


  • This episode was actually meant to be a short in the credits of Season 2 for Another Oobi Vacation, but the schedule was changed so it is now a full episode.