Cinderella is a barbie and minor character of An Oobi Vacation. According to other non An-Oobi-Vacation-brand works and her portrayer, she has mental issues and has special powers that allow her to appear and disapear, but she is not very good at using them. She beats up and gets knocked by Uma. She is very sensitive about her dress getting ruined or her head being turned around. S
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Cinderella with her head turned around

he is a very imaginative girl who dreams of marrying a prince or Justin Bieber.


Cinderella has a big, blonde bun on her head and has a blue, sparkly dress. Her eyes are blue and she has fair skin and has a figure like other barbies.


Cinderella makes one minor appearence in the An Oobi Vacation episode Plane Ol' Pathetic. She also appears in a unaired, non-An Oobi Vacation film called The Mulan Show: Mulan Goes to the Store.