Come in, Sleep in, Eat 'em! ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 1
Episode 2
Airdate August 17th, 2012
Writers Buckteeth, Bluedog
Previous episode
Another Family Vacation
Next episode
Sweet Dreams, Oobi
Come in, Sleep in, Eat 'em! is the second episode of Another Oobi Vacation. It is in the first season.

Characters PresentEdit



Oobi and Uma arrive at Charlie, Dave, and Max's house.


In the first scene, Oobi and Uma are seen walking on a busy street, where they see the Kako-Like Eyed Hand and the Blue-Eyed Twins. Oobi complains about how he had to carry all of the gangs' bags. Uma reminds him that he learned an important lesson: always bring a chew toy for Dave. They sing as they walk to the front door of the house.

When they meet Charlie, Dave, and Max are sleeping. When Oobi tells them they're back, they awaken, suprised. When they calm down, Charlie says he's hungry. Dave tells him he has dinner, and holds up the Blue-Eyed Twins. The episode ends.


Belly as Oobi and Uma

Buckteeth as Charlie and Dave

Pickles as Max and the Kako-Like Eyed Hand

Peanut as the Blue-Eyed Twins


  • Although Grampu is seen in the next episode, he is not shown coming into the house in this episode.
  • The Blue Eyed Twins are seen outside on the streets and in the house after Oobi and Uma came in. This means that Dave must have brought them in to eat them while Oobi and Uma were walking in the door.