Name Dave
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Charlie (brother) Max (adoptive brother), Charlie's Mom, Charlie's Dad
Enemies Ox
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Dave (often called D-D-D-Dave) is a main character in the video series An Oobi Vacation and Another Oobi Vacation. Dave is portrayed by Buckteeth in all of his apearences.


Dave is a cannibalistic antagonist, but a cheerful character. When he isn't trying to eat everything, sometimes people forget he is a cannibal. He constantly tries to gobble up everything he sees, exept for his weakness, vegetables. He has two brothers, one geneteic brother Charlie and one adopted brother Max. He likes to pick on his brothers, especially and mostly charlie. His parents ran away from him long ago because they where afraid they would be eaten. He is mostly a "rebel" type character, and his is most likely to disobey Grampu.


Dave has peach skin and orange eyes with black puplils. He has the Oobi-style finger shape.


Dave is one of the main characters in all of the An Oobi Vacation productions. He is in all episodes of An Oobi Vacation, excluding The FAMILY Vacation and Plane Ol' Pathetic. Dave has appeared in every single episode of Another Oobi Vacation exept for Return of the Kakoo (he was only mentioned)


  • Dave is a horrible student, and his best grade ever was an F+
  • Dave was portrayed by Buckteeth in all appearences exept "Small Problem", where he was portrayed by Bluedog in the bathroom scene
  • Dave's favorite color is red as revialed in Girlfriend of Doom.