Name Grampu James Fingerson
Gender Male
Species Hand puppet
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Oobi, Uma, Kako, Charlie, Dave, Max, Inka
Enemies Ox, Inka
First Appearance
The FAMILY Vacation
Last Appearance

Grampu home sick with Charlie and Max

Grampu James Fingerson is the grandfather and legal guardian of Oobi and Uma. He is one of the major characters in all of the An Oobi Vacation works.


Grampu is the grandfather of Oobi and Uma, as well as Inka's boyfriend. He is a bossy parent, who always sends everybody to their rooms. However he is a nice character, and is loved (most of the time) by his grandchildren and his roommates Charlie, Dave, and Max.

Grampu legally became his grandchildren's guardian when they where babies. Ever since they can remember he had been taking care of them. Inka is his girlfriend who he doesn't actually love, though he is too afraid of Inka to break up with her. He is nice to most people he meets, unless they are disrespectful to him. He is also very old, and won't tell his grandchindren about his age.


Grampu has green eyes with black pupils. His fingers are curled up rather than straight, like Oobi's or Uma's. He is a peach color and has a few wrinkles.


Grampu appears in most videos relating to An Oobi Vacation, but he is a major character, not a main one. His first mentioning was in The FAMILY Vacation, and he was first seen in Plane Ol' Pathetic.