Please note that even though the page title is "IDiction", the actual name of the episode is iDiction with a lowercase "I"

IDiction ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 1
Episode 5
Airdate August 31st, 2012
Writers Bluedog, Pickles
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Jack Attack
I'm gunna use you as a trampoline! -Max

iDiction is the fifth episode of Another Oobi Vacation.


Locations VisitedEdit


Max won't stop doing video games, and his brothers and friends want a turn.


In the first few seconds of the the video, the camera zooms in on Ox slowly. Next, Max is seen on his bed playing the iPad, playing a cart-game. Oobi asks if he can have a turn, but he is rejected. Charlie wants to check his e-mail, but Max says no again. Charlie says his friend Joey Bob is going to flip if he doesn't reply, and says please. He is still rejected. Uma says she wants to play on the Fashion app, but she is answered with "no way". Charlie is suprised that they have a fashion app. Dave comes in and asks if he's can play resteraunt on it, but Max tells him he will never play that game.

A title card says "FIVE HOURS LATER" in all caps. Max lost his game, and starts yelling about it. Charlie asks if they can play, but Max says that they will never play until he defeats the level and all of the other levels. Dave is getting to bored, so he gets Ox, who he says is his "new friend". Again, the camera zooms in on Ox.

Dave is starting to get hungry. He starts breathing heavily and screaming, and he opens his mouth to eat something. He eats Max's iPad! Max screams "NOOOOO" and starts to beat Dave. Charlie tells Oobi to get Max a new iPad.



Belly as Oobi and Uma

Buckteeth as Charlie and Dave

Pickles as Max