Name Inka Penderson
Gender Female
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Grampu (boyfriend)
Enemies Oobi, Uma, Kako, Charlie, Dave, Max.
First Appearance
An Oobi Christmas
Last Appearance
Battle of the Girlfriends
Inka is the malicous girlfriend of Grampu, and a antagonist in the Another Oobi Vacation series. In this series, she is a mean old lady who loves to hurt people, especially her boyfriend and his grandchildren, and she likes to cause trouble. Grampu is afraid of her, along with several other people she meets. She is bossy, self-absorbed, and loud


Inka has purple eyes and black hair with silver streaks in it, which are grey marks. She has her fingers in a position where they are tucked up to the top of her face and her thumb goes across it.


Inka's first An Oobi Vacation brand appearence was in An Oobi Christmas in which she is the antagonist.

Inka's first Another Oobi Vacation appearence was Another Family Vacation, the pilot of the series, Her other appearences were in No More Inka!Swim to the Brim!, Bedroom Escape!, Christmas Prank, Midnight Snack, and Battle of the Girlfriends.