Name Jack
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi (presumably)
Family No members known.
Enemies Dave
First Appearance
Jack Attack
Last Appearance
Dance Floor Decisions
This character is not to be confused with Cleo Patrah, a stock character who looks exactly like Jack

Jack is the leader of an F.B.Oob squad who broke into Oobi's house and tried to steal their cookies. He is very commanding and bossy to his squad members. Freak is his personal assistant, and Feather is an ordinary memeber of the squad.

Jack is highly respected by his squadmembers. He rules by loud orders. He speaks in a deep voice and is obeyed every time he tells anyone to do something. However, Jack does have a symathetic side, for he lets the squad eat pizza after the missions. He was portrayed by Pickles in the begining of Jack Attack, but his role was taken over by Bluedog later in the video. Pickles plays him most other appearences.


Jack has pink eyes and peach skin. He has a white airplane-engine-like gadget that he wears on his head.


Jack was introduced in Jack Attack. He also appears in Dance On, Battle of the Girlfriends, and Dance Floor Decisions.