Journey to the Center of the Dave ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 2
Episode 9
Airdate June 15, 2013
Writers Bluedog, Buckteeth
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Journey to the Center of the Dave is the ninth episode in the second season of Another Oobi Vacation, and the 23rd episode of all.

Characters PresentEdit


Dave eats Max's brand-new videogame, so Oobi, Uma, and Charlie venture into his stomach to get it.


The gang is in their bedroom, and Oobi has a bright red feather in his mouth. It scares Uma, but he says it's only his novelty toy. Max comes storming in, telling everyone he got a iPad 360 he got with Charlie's piggy bank money. Charlie yells at him, and Max lies, telling him he got it from his not-piggy-bank. Uma wants to touch it, but Max screams at her. While Oobi asks what is wrong with Max's eyes (they are falling off), Dave starts to chew on the videogame. Max throws a tantrum, screaming and yelling, and tells Charlie it cost him every cent in his "not-piggy-bank". He orders him to go into Dave's stomach and retrieve it. Charlie is afraid, but Oobi and Uma want to make Max happy, and they don't want him to destroy the apartment again. Max threatens to tell Charlie's crush on his blog, supposedly named Mabelina, but Charlie says "I have a crush?" He threatens to take more "not-piggy-bank money", so Charlie starts making a machine to get into Dave, but Max simply tries to shove Charlie, Oobi, and Uma into Dave's mouth. Because it is to hard, Uma gives Dave an injection to put him asleep. The three crawl into Dave.

Inside Dave's Stomach, there is lots of misselanious things, like a tennis raquet, an Adidas bag, countless other things. Oobi, Uma, and Charlie fall into the stomach. They see all the things that Dave's eaten over his life. They notice the DS and comment how Max never noticed it was missing. Oobi notices that there are even people in the stomach. One of the stomach dwellers asks how they got in, and he points up to Dave's throat. All of the people run up, finding the way out of the stomach they were stuck in. They are all alone and they start to look for the iPad. Suddenly, a random hand comes up and says "alone is what you think!"

Outside the stomach, Dave is walking around. He hadn't eaten in a whole three seconds, and he wants something to eat. He lists many things he could possibly eat, but in the end, he decides to eat everything in the house.

Back in the stomach,...


  • The title of this episode is a spoof of the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth".


Belly as Oobi, Uma, and Stomach Dwellers

Buckteeth as Charlie, Dave, Alone Hand, and Stomach Dwellers

Bluedog as Max and Stomach Dwellers