Junior Small
Name Junior Small
Gender Male
Species Pinkie
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Mr. Small, Mrs. Small
Enemies Oobi, Uma, Dave, Charlie
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Small Problem
Junior Small is the only son of Mr. Small and Mrs. Small, and a major/reccuring character on Another Oobi Vacation. He acts like the cutest, nicest kid there is, but in reality, he is really mean and is a babysiter's worst nightmare. He's portrayed by Buckteeth.


Junior seems to be the perfect kid, but actually he is really mean to babysiters. At a first glance, he seems to be really cute and sweet. He even has a set of "catchphrases to make him sound cute. However, he has a bad mind. He does so many bad things to Oobi, Uma, Charlie, and Dave when they were babysiting him. One bad deed he did was order Charlie to make a Throw-Kid-Out-of-the-Window Machine, and then he put Charlie in it and threw him out of the window. He also threw Charlie's favorite rubber band Billy into the toilet.

Aside from that, Junior is constitered a good kid by his parents. He is said to always do his homework, but he often doesn't when nobody's watching. He has a secret that he is a two year old, but he always says he is twelve. He isn't potty trained, which scares most babysiters.


Junior Small is a pinkie finger, the smallest finger on a hand. He has a small pair of eyes. When they were made, Buckteeth said that they were "the perfect size". One of his eyes has a blue pupil, and one has a yellow pupil, like his dad, Mr. Small. Like his name, he is very small.


Two catchphrases were created for Junior:

  • "I'm Cute!" This was a cathchfrase that he said in Small Problem and other episode sketches.
  • "Bye, Bye!" He uses this to sound cute. He says it when somebody falls down a cliff, or leaves. He first says it in Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT! when Uma falls off a cliff, and again in Small Problem.


Junior has made three appearences in Another Oobi Vacation so far. In season 1, he appeared with his dad in Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT! and Parent Problem. He returned with backround information in