Name Kakoo
Gender Female
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Makoo and Pakoo, parents not yet shown in any An Oobi Vacation branded material
Enemies Peru
First Appearance
The FAMILY Vacation
Last Appearance
Girlfriend of Doom
Kakoo is Oobi's girlfriend. She is consitered annoying by everyone she meets and loves her boyfriend way too much. She is portrayed by Belly.


Kakoo is a overly attached girlfriend to Oobi. She is constantly getting in the way of Oobi, and tends to ruin everything she sees. Other than that, Kakoo is destructive and gives people headaches with her high-pictched, annoying voice.

Kakoo lives in a cardboard box in Abu Doobi. Her box is filled with hightech Oobi sensors, that can sense when her boyfriend comes near so she can attack him. Kakoo's house was in Oobi's backyard when she was a baby with her parents, but now she lives alone near the mall. She loves the Teletubbies, and is friends with Ed. Some of her hobbies include making dresses, and ruining things.


Kakoo has one pink eye on the left and one purple eye on the right. Her skin is peach color and her fingers are shaped like Oobi's.


Kakoo appears in several An Oobi Vacation works. In An Oobi Vacation, she snuck onto the plane with Oobi. She appeared breifly in the beginning of An Oobi Christmas, and is now making appearencens in Another Oobi Vacation.