Name Leah
Gender Female
Species Hand
Hometown California
Family No members known
Enemies Charlie, Kakoo
First Appearance
Girlfriend of Doom
Last Appearance
Leah is Charlie's former girlfriend and a minor antagonist in Another Oobi Vacation. Charlie met Leah while he was searching for a date for the Super Dance on OoHarmony, a parody of the internet dating site eHarmony. On her profile, it says she loves to cook, is a professional supermodel, and is very dangerous. Charlie thought she was the perfect one for her, but when he actually met her, she turned out to be loud, disrespectful, and high-matinence. Before the dance, she gave Charlie a long list of things to do. Also, when she saw Kakoo in a dress more beautiful than hers, she dumped punch on her, which is the reason Charlie broke up with her. She claims to hate mondays and stinky socs, and she has many enemies.


Leah has brown hair in a pony tail, and white eyes with pink pupils. She has tanish skin.


She only appears in the Another Oobi Vacation episode Girlfriend of Doom.