Name Max Yeller, also called "iDicted" and "your highness"
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown presumably Abu Doobi
Family Adoptive family: Charlie (brother), Dave (brother), Charlie's Mom (mother), and Charlie's Dad (father).
Enemies Ox, His brothers (sometimes)
First Appearance
An Oobi Vacation: DOOMEDmates
Last Appearance
Unknown at the time
Max Yeller is a main character in An Oobi Vacation as well as Charlie's best friend. He is addicted to video games, Nintendo DS in particular.

Max has been portrayed by several people, but is soully portrayed by Pickles


Max is the adoptive brother of Charlie and Dave, and roomate of Oobi and Uma. At first, Max was made to be Charlie's best friend, but later, he was given more of a personality. His intrests include obsessing over video games, iPad and countless other electronic/apple/nintendo products.

As a baby Max was adopted by Charlie's mom. When she and Dave first met him, he was playing an iPad game. Since Dave was seen at his adoption he is assumed to be the youngest of the family, depending on how old he was when he was adopted. Later in life he loved to play video games and played almost every kind.


The character has yellow eyes with black pupils. He has an Oobi-style face.


Max appears in several unreleased episodes of An Oobi Vacation. He returned to YouTube along with Dave and Charlie in An Oobi Christmas. He is currently a main character in Another Oobi Vacation, but he doesn't come on episodes as much as the other main characters.