Mrs. Small is a minor character of Another Oobi Vacation. She is the husband of Mr. Small and the mother of Junior Small. She is very nice and sweet to everyone she meets. She seems to be oblivious to the fact that her son is evil to babysiters. She is very nice to Junior, and she compliments him on being a "great kid", even though he's bad. She speaks in a high voice.She is portrayed by Bluedog


Mrs. Small is a thumb. She has two pink eyes with black pupils. (however, she was originally going to have white eyes with blue eyelashes).


Mrs. Small appears in one episode of Another Oobi Vacation, Small Problem.


  • Mrs. Small never potty trained Junior Small. According to her self, she is a little slow.
  • Even though her husband and son are consitered major characters, Mrs. Small is only a minor character.