Mulan is a Barbie and a Disney character who appears in An Oobi Vacation. She is an antagonist in the series. Mulan thinks everything should be destroyed, but she does not have any mental issues, unlike Cinderella. She enjoyes reading Mean Magazine, and she was on the front cover of it. Mulan is feared around everyone. In her appearence in Plane 'Ol Pathetic, Mulan is sitting next to Oobi for the flight. She beats up Oobi, but she is thrown out a window by Aubrey.


Mulan has black hair and reddish-blackish lipstick. She is of asian decent. Mulan wears traditional Chinese clothes that are red, blue, and gold. In her unaired special The Mulan Show, She comments that her dress is smelly.



Mulan only makes one appearence in the An Oobi Vacation series, in the episode Plane Ol' Pathetic.