Name Oobi Rotto Fingerson
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Grampu (grandfather), Uma, sister
Enemies Ox, Inka,
First Appearance
An Oobi Vacation: The FAMILY Vacation
Last Appearance
Oobi Rotto Fingerson is a male hand puppet who plays as Uma's older brother and Charlie, Dave, and Max's roomates.


Oobi is the main protagonist of all An Oobi Vacation works. He is a regular, slightly lazy hand who likes watching televison and playing video games with Max. He has a annoying girlfriend named Kakoo, who is very attached to him and is an addict to him. His family is his grandfather Grampu and his sister Uma, however his parents went on a cruise and never came back when he was a baby, so Grampu and her girlfriend Inka took care of him from then on. He is best friends with his roommates.


Oobi is a peach color. He has white eyes with black pupils (his eyes look identical to googly eyes). In some scenes, a ring under his eyes are shown (showing how his eyes stay on to the hand).


Oobi appeares and is the main character of all An Oobi Vacation series and An Oobi Christmas. He appears in all An Oobi Vacation episodes and most Another Oobi Vacation. In Oobi and Kakoo, it is undecided which is the main character. It has been announced that they might do more with Oobi.


  • According to his voice actor, Oobi's middle name is Rotto and his last name is Handerson.
  • In the sibling tag, we knew his sister, Uma the relationship between them.