Ox in Ox's Revenge

Ox is a major character of Another Oobi Vacation and also a major antagonist. He is one of Oobi and his friend's worst enemies, and his job is to make their life misreble. Ox is portrayed by Buckteeth.


Ox loves to cause havock everywhere he goes. He sometimes, like in iDiction, pretends to be his victim's friends before trying to get them, but he always seems to fail when he is with Oobi and his friends. Ox knew Charlie and Dave when they were little because they stole money from their house when their parents were still living with them.


This version of Ox is a azure blue. He has one eye, and one "x" shape for and eye (spelling out OX). He has two bunny-like ears and small, stubby limbs.


Ox made many appearences in Season One of Another Oobi Vacation, including iDiction, Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT!, Parent Problem, The Chronicles of Baby Dave and his Brothers, and Ox's Revenge. He makes no appearences in Season 2 so far.