Ox's Henchman
Name Reecy, amounge others.
Gender Males and Females
Species Uglydolls
Hometown Unknown
Family Reecy is Ox's son. The other uglydolls are not related.
Enemies Oobi, Uma, Charlie, Dave, Max, occasionally eachother.
First Appearance
Sweet Dreams, Oobi (Pink Uglydoll only)
Last Appearance
Give Me a Jailbreak!
Ox: We know where you are, Oobi, me and my minions...

Minion: We prefer henchman!

Ox" Be quiet, you! -quote from an planned episode

Ox's Henchman (also called his minions) are a group of uglydolls who follow Ox around and help him commit evil deeds. They are minor antagoinsts of the Another Oobi Vacation series. Ox's henchman help him in the act of foiling Oobi's plans, but often fail, to Ox's anger. In Give Me a Jailbreak!, they are seen in the jail, as they did evil things. They are portrayed by many voices, such as Belly and Pickles.



All of Ox's team look different, but they are all uglydolls and they have eyes, mouth and are all made of felt. They all have arms (with the exeption of the Black Bat Uglydoll, who has wings.


The first henchman to appear in the series was the pink uglydoll, who appeared even Ox appeared in Sweet Dreams, Oobi. The Black Bat Uglydoll appeared with Ox in Trap Trouble, and they appeared as a group Give Me a Jailbreak!