Spit it Out! ... An Oobi Vacation
Season Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate December 30th, 2012
Writers Buckteeth and Bluedog
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Spit it Out! is the sixth episode of An Oobi Vacation, and one of the aired episodes.



The gang gets locked out of their apartment, and Grampu can't hear them because he is listening to music.


Oobi, Uma, Charlie, and Dave are standing and banging at the door to their apartment. They were locked out. Uma tells Dave to stop banging at the door, but they realize that Grampu is on the inside. They yell Grampu's name.

In the apartment, Grampu is listening to the song "Dancing Queen" on his iPod. He sings loudly, and messes up Uma's bed. On the outside of the door, Charlie tries to yell Grampu's name, but he yells "DANCING QUEEN!". Charlie yells that the "dancing queen" should open up the door. After that, Bop appears. He and Oobi do their "freind clap". Uma asks him how he got there, and he says that Pop kicked him out and he snuck on the plane. Uma and Charlie explain their dillemma. Bop suggests they use the key under the mat, but Dave ate it. After many attempts Charlie gets Dave to spit out the keys.

They enter the apartment and find Grampu dancing with his iPod. Uma screams "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BED!" As Grampu starts singing the Smurf Theme Song, Uma beats him up.


"Dancing Queen " by ABBA

"Smurfs Theme Song" from The Smurfs


  • Even though the episode is called Spit it Out, Charlie tells Dave "Cough it Up" twice when he eats the keys. He only says "Spit it out" once.
  • When Bop and Oobi do their "friend clap", it is the same handshake Oobi and Kako use in the original Oobi series.
  • This episode formerly had a part where Charlie and Dave were watching Uma beat up Grampu. An iPod falls onto Charlies eyes, and he yells "MY GOOGLY EYES!"


Belly as Oobi, Uma, and Grampu

Buckteeth as Charlie and Dave

Bluedog as Bop

Pickles as Max