The stomach dwellers are a group of hands and feet who where periodicly eaten by Dave and trapped in his stomach. They had learned to survive in the stomach (which would be easy, consitering that there is several eaten things they could use to keep alive). In the events of Journey to the Center of the Dave, Oobi, Uma, and Charlie ment the stomach dwellers and told them they came from the throat, and all of the stomach dwellers run upwards, so presumbably they are back to living their normal lives. Together, Belly, Buckteeth, and Bluedog portray these many characters. Buckteeth in particular played the creepy Alone Hand, a stomach dweller who wants to be "alone forever" with Uma.


All of the stomach dwellers look different. Some are hands and some are feet, and they have different color eyes and some have hair.


These characters only appear in Another Oobi Vacation's Journey to the Center of the Dave.