Sweet Dreams, Oobi ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate August 17th, 2012
Writers Buckteeth, Bluedog
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Sweet Dreams, Oobi is the third episode of Another Oobi Vacation.

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Oobi is having bad dreams, Charlie can't find his toothbrush, Kakoo is trying to break into the house, and Uma thinks there's monsters in her closet.


Oobi is in bed with Grampu standing next to him. He gives him a goodnight kiss and leaves. Oobi falls asleep and begins to dream about being by a cliff. Charlie and Max fall off the cliff, and Oobi tries to reach for them, but is unsuccessful. Dave dives after his brothers. Oobi cries about loosing Charlie and Max, and wakes up, realizing it was a bad dream. But Charlie is actually in the bathroom looking for his toothbrush.

The setting switches to Uma's bed. She is telling Grampu about how she is scared that there's a monster in her closet. Grampu reminds her that he told her a million times that there are no monsters in her closet. He kisses her goodnight and leaves.

Meanwhile, Charlie is still looking for his toothbrush with Max. They decide to look in the closet, and they find Dave in there. Charlie finds out that Dave ate his toothbrush. He does the Helmlich Menuever on Dave as he makes choking, monster-like sounds. Uma, in her bed, thinks it's a monster and runs. Charlie still didn't get back his toothbrush, so they leave the room. 

Kakoo is on the outside of the house, carrying her box that she lives in with her. She wants to get to Oobi. She yells "GRAPPLING HOOK TIME!" After two minutes, she realizes that it didn't work at all. She tries "Plan B", which is just going up to the door and opening it.

On the stairs, Charlie tries to do the Helmlich Maneuver again, and his toothbrush flies out to Dave's mouth and topples down the stairs onto Kakoo's head. Uma is entering, holding her pink uglydoll (one of Ox's henchman), telling the Monster she has a weapon...


Belly as Oobi, Uma, Grampu, and Kakoo

Buckteeth as Charlie and Dave

Pickles as Max (begining)

Bluedog as Max (end)