Swim to the Brim! ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 2
Episode 3
Airdate April or May
Writers Belly, Buckteeth
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TV (Total Violence)
Swim to the Brim! is the third episode in the second season of Another Oobi Vacation, and the seventeenth episode of all.

Characters PresentEdit


Grampu takes Oobi, Charlie, and Dave to the pool, but he gets Inka to watch them!


Oobi, Charlie, and Dave thank Grampu for taking them to the pool. Grampu tells them that he got someone to watch them. Charlie wants it to be a cute girl babysiter, but it's actually Inka. All three of them throw up in the pool. Grampu leaves and Inka instantly starts to threaten them. She wants them to follow her rules or else. She makes them wear a swim diaper and everyone laughs at them. Everyone wraps Inka in a towel and throws her against the wall. Inka quits the babysiting job.

After she leaves, Charlie tells Dave that if you chew on the pipes, they'll leak and everyone will die. Dave thinks that's cool. Suddenly Charlie gets a phone call from Max. He's screaming at him because he had to go to Uma's dance class. The phone goes out of order. Oobi tells Charlie that he thinks Dave is chewing on the pipes. Water fills up the room and everyone is swimming for their lives. When the water is gone, Inka screams "YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW THE RULES!" Grampu, like always, tells Oobi, Dave, and Charlie to go to their room. Charlie again asks if there will be a cute girl in there, and Grampu tells them there will  be a babysiter there. They all celebrate, but they find out it's Inka, and Oobi falls to the ground.


Grampu: I got someone to babysit you!

Charlie: Really? A Babysiter? Is she cute?

Grampu: She's-

Charlie: Ah, ah, ah, just tell me this, tell me this, is she cute?

Inka: Now wear the swim diaper now! Or else... (hits Oobi)

Charlie: Or else you'll hit us?

Inka: Well actually I'll do more than hit you...


  • Max is only heared on the phone, and Uma is mentioned by Max.


Belly as Oobi and Grampu

Buckteeth as Charlie, Dave, and the voice of Max

Bluedog as Inka

Peanut as the Blue-Eyed finger