TV (Total Violence) ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 2
Episode 4
Airdate May 10th, 2013
Writers Buckteeth, Bluedog
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TV (Total Violece) is the fourth episode in the second season of Another Oobi Vacation.

Characters PresentEdit


The gang breaks the TV and need to fix it before Grampu sees!


The episode begins with the gang watching Nickelodeon's Fairly OddParents. Max's face is pressed against the television because he is addicted to it. Uma comes in and asks everyone if they like her new barette. It is puffy, and Oobi feels it. Uma slaps him and tells him not to touch it. After a while, Oobi yells to his roommates that they have to see the show they're watching, but it suddenly turns off. Everyone screams, especially Max. After freaking out, Charlie tells Max that the TV's broken, and Max screams "DON'T SAY THAT DIRTY WORD!" Charlie keeps saying "broken! broken! broken!" and Max faints.

Uma yells that they have to turn on the TV and save Max. She tries to use the remote, but it doesn't work. Dave suggests that they should feed the TV food, because people need food to work, so the TV must need food to work. He shouves a bracelet into the TV tape player, but ends up breaking the TV even more. Max wakes up, but faints again when he sees the TV is even more broken. Uma doesn't think that worked, but Dave shoves a shoe into the tape player in case it "wants a snack later." But this makes the TV break even more. Uma says that she has another idea, but Dave keeps trying to get into the tape player to get the bracelet to eat. Oobi has to pull Dave out after many attempts to get him out.

Uma's idea is giving the TV a makeover, because makeovers make people feel better. She puts blush on the TV, and Charlie puts a feather in the tape player. This breaks it even more. Grampu then comes because he heared all the loud crashing noises from the TV. He yells and tries to get to the television as Dave holds him back. Grampu starts rambling about how expensive the TV was, and Charlie trys to tell him they will fix it at the shop, but he is mad and tells them to go to their room. Charlie screams "RUN!" Grampu then figures out how to turn on the TV, by pressing the button harder. Max is alive and he starts kissing the screen. Oobi them says goodbye to the viewers.