Charlie running through the apartment

The apartment where Oobi lives is the main setting of An Oobi Vacation and seasons 2 and 3 of Another Oobi Vacation. It is the residence of Oobi, Uma, CharlieDave, Max, and Grampu (Kakoo and Ed moved in with them in the middle of Season 2)


Oobi, Uma, and Grampu originally were going to have a different apartment to rent while they were on their vacation, but a richer man bought their apartment, so they live in a slightly run-down apartment on the second floor. In Ox's Revenge of Another Oobi Vacation, Ox sends the gang to the same apartment in a bag.


The apartment is located in Abu Doobi, Oonited Arab Emirates, the main city in the series. It is consitered a run-down building to others, but it is fully functional to the people who live there. It has tile floors and sofas, with a television and kitchen. There is one bedroom which Oobi, Uma, Charlie, Dave, and Max share, and another where Grampu sleeps and Inka when she visits. In Oobi's room there is a TV, and there is a small laundry room next to Grampu's room. There is also a pool in the back which they share with all the other residents.