The FAMILY Vacation ... An Oobi Vacation
Season Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate November 8th, 2011
Writers Bluedog Cochran, Belly Cochran
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Plane Ol' Pathetic
The FAMILY Vacation is the first episode of An Oobi Vacation, and the first video of all An Oobi Vacation videos.

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Oobi meets Uma after she goes to the mall so they can go on their vacation.


Oobi calls Uma's name and mentions that she was supposed to meet him there after she went shopping. Soon, Uma comes into the frame with a purple bag, but strangely she has blue eyes. Uma explaines that she got surgury to change her eye color from white to blue, so if she looses her barette, she doesn't look like Oobi. Oobi asks her if she packed her bags, and she did, but all she packed is sillybandz and a small skirt called a "pettieskirt". Oobi screams at her and calls her the worst packer ever, so she poors the sillybands all over Oobi and puts her pettieskirt on his head, and he screams. After Uma asks if he packed his bag, Oobi tries to stop Uma from taking the bag, but she threatens to poor sillybands on him again, so he reluctantly agrees.

After walking, Oobi and Uma pass Kakoo's house. Oobi yells at her for bringing him there because Kakoo could sense him with her Oobi sensors and attack him. Uma, not caring, runs ahead.

Tiptoeing, Oobi tries to be very quiet, but her Oobi sensors scream for Kakoo to wake up and she attacks him. She tells him that she is "so" ready for their vacation. She tells Oobi to hold miscelanious items that she wants to bring, like her football, a "squinkie" brand toy, and her entire box. Oobi collapses from all the weight. He tries to let it on easy that only his family and he are going, but she doesn't understand and thinks it's a joke. When she gets it, she starts to freak out and smash oobi with all the items in her house.

Uma finds Oobi crying on the ground, and tells her Grampu is waiting at the airport. Oobi is so hurt that she agrees to carry him. But she realizes she forgot her bag, and when she goes back to get it, two white circles are sticking out. Thinking that they are just the ice cream cones she packed, she carrys it away. But when she turns away, it is seen that the "ice cream cones" are actually Kakoo's eyes! Dun dun dun!!!