The Fireworks ... Another Oobi Vacation
Season Season 2
Episode 7
Airdate May 31st, 2013
Writers Bluedog, Buckteeth
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The Fireworks is the seventh episode in the second season of Another Oobi Vacation, and the 21st episode of all.

Characters PresentEdit


The gang think a firework display is a brittish bomb attack.


Charlie comments on how starry the sky is, as they are outside. The fireworks start and they all start panicing. Max yells "The British are coming!", Charlie screams "Bombing of St. Helens!" and Uma is afraid the attackers will steal her barette. Charlie realizes they are only fireworks, but everyone keeps screaming.


  • This is the only episode in which only and all of the main characters appear.
  • This is the shortest episode in Season 2, being about 19 seconds long.


Belly as Oobi and Uma

Buckteeth as Charlie and Dave

Bluedog as Max

Pickles with the firework sound effects