The time machine is a device made by Charlie that allows one to travel through time. It was apart of the main plotline in Charlie's Time Machine, where Oobi went through time to the past and future. Charlie doesn't want anyone to touch it, and he even put a sign out that says "Charlie's Time Machine: Do Not Touch". However Oobi uses it anyway.


The time machine has only been used to travel into the past (Oobi used the T-Rex time portal to go into the future), so it is unknown if it can take you into the future. It comes with a remote that tells you where and when you want to go.


The time machine resembles a grey television (and is one in reality). It is a large cube that is much bigger compared to Oobi. It comes with a black remote that controls where and when it will take you.


This device only is used in Charlie's Time Machine.