"It's sad that I share a face with you" --Brown-Eyed twoface brother

The Twoface brothers (often simply called Twoface) a minor character in the Another Oobi Vacation series. They are conjoined twins who share a face, but have two sets of eyes. They like to annoy eachother alot and disagree about almost everything. The one of the right side with brown eyes is more mature that his green-eyed brother, being the brains of the two. His brother, the green-eyed one, is more silly and likes to bother his brother more. They both lived in the appartment that Oobi and his friends moved into with the Blue-Eyed Hand, so they may be friends.


Twoface has two sets of eyes. The right side has brown eyes and the left has green eyes. They are a peach color and have their fingers in the Oobi style.


Their first appearence was in Season 1 of Another Oobi Vacation, No More Inka!. They also appeared in The Chronicles of Baby Dave and his Brothers, and the season 2 episode Free Mints...