Uma Fingerson
Name Uma Varbie Fingerson
Gender Female
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Oobi (brother), Grampu (grandfather]]
Enemies Ox, Uma Pretender
First Appearance
The FAMILY Vacation
Last Appearance
Uma Fingerson is a main character of An Oobi Vacation, Another Oobi Vacation, and many other Bluedogandbelly series. She is Oobi's sister and was in the original Oobi series.


Uma is Oobi's younger sister, and Grampu's granddaughter. She is the roommates of Charlie, Dave, and Max. Her parents left her to go on a cruise when she was a baby, so she never knew of them. Uma is the only girl in her large "family", with 4 male compainions. She is a stereotypical "girly girl" who likes things such as makeup and clothes. Despite her feminism she is not dainty all the time; she always stands up for herself and is not afraid to yell at someone, or even beat them up sometimes. Uma is voiced by Belly in all of her appearences.


Uma looks almost exacly the same as Oobi. She has white eyes with black pupils and fingers shaped in the Oobi-style. The thing that distinguishes between them is her barette, which is made of one purple flower in the middle and two smaller blue flowers to the sides. However in some appearences the barette is made of puffballs and the middle one is red instead of purple.


Uma appears in An Oobi Vacation, An Oobi Christmas, and Another Oobi Vacation. She appears in all An Oobi Vacation episodes, and appears in most episodes of Another Oobi Vacation, roughly 3 quarters of them.