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  • Bluedog311

    My thoughts

    October 28, 2013 by Bluedog311

    No one's reading this, but might as well write it for my own sake. I haven't editeded here in a while, I feel bad for that. I realized all it needs is some TLC :). If only someone would help me... But I enjoy this anyways.

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  • Bluedog311

    What to put on pages

    March 25, 2013 by Bluedog311

    These are to remind everyone what categories should go on pages.

    Character category

    Boy or girl or unknown/no gender?

    Main/Minor/Major Character?

    Are they a hand, or not

    Other things to add (depends on character):

    • Barbie
    • Antagonist
    • Mentioned-only
    • No named
    • Are they in a specfifc family?

    Video category

    Episode of (series name)

    If it is in Another Oobi Vacation, say the season.

    Is it holiday themed?

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  • Bluedog311


    March 25, 2013 by Bluedog311

    This is so I can remember what pages need to be made and what I don't have yet. Please help by making one.

    • An Oobi Vacation
    • An Oobi Christmas
    • Another Oobi Vacation
      • Another Oobi Vacation: Season 1
      • Another Oobi Vacation: Season 2

    • Oobi
    • Uma
    • Charlie
    • Dave
    • Max

    Major/Reccuring Characters:

    • Grampu
    • Kakoo
    • Bop
    • Mr. Small
    • Junior Small
    • Inka
    • Jack
    • Freak
    • Feather

    1. The FAMILY Vacation - Oobi Sensors
    2. Plane Ol' Pathetic
    3. DOOMEDmates
    4. Danger Dinner
    5. Pool Fool
    6. Spit it Out!
    7. Charlie's Time Machine
    8. Gramflu
    9. Bein' Kakoo

    • Fatso
    • Hand Santa
    • Human Santa

    Season 1:

    1. Another Family Vacation
    2. Come in, Sleep in, Eat 'em!
    3. Sweet Dreams, Oobi
    4. Car-tastrophe!
    5. iDiction
    6. Jack Attack
    7. Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT!
    8. No More Inka!
    9. Parent Problem
    10. The Chronicles of Baby Dave and his Brothers
    11. King of the Swing
    12. The Thumbger Games
    13. Shortest Episod…

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